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Relapse Ventures is a dynamic early-stage venture capital firm with a mission to identify, support, and invest in innovative, creative, and disruptive entrepreneurs across North America. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working closely with our partners to help them achieve their goals and bring their vision to life.

Our experienced team of investors and advisors brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our partners have the support they need to succeed.

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  • 01 What is venture capital?

    Venture capital is a type of financing that is provided to early-stage startups and businesses in exchange for equity in the company. Venture capitalists typically invest in companies with high growth potential, and they often provide not only funding but also mentorship, advice, and connections to help the company succeed.

  • Venture capital funding is typically best suited for startups with high growth potential, a scalable business model, and a strong team with a track record of success. If your company fits these criteria and you are seeking significant funding to help you scale your business, venture capital may be a good option for you.

  • Working with Relapse Venture Capital can provide your startup with not only funding but also valuable mentorship, advice, and connections to help you grow your business. Venture capitalists often have extensive experience in the industry and can help you navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship. Additionally, having a venture capital firm as a partner can lend credibility to your business and attract additional investors.



Venture capital firms invest in early-stage startups and businesses in exchange for equity in the company.

Mentorship and advice

Many venture capitalists have extensive experience in the industry and can provide valuable mentorship and advice to the startups they invest in.

Networking connections

These connections can be leveraged to help the startup access new opportunities, partnerships, and customers.

Due diligence

Before investing in a startup, venture capitalists typically conduct due diligence to ensure that the company is a good investment.

"Success is not a one-man show. It takes a team, a vision, and relentless passion to make it happen."

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.


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